About Us


Disaster Medicine Subcommittee (DiMSc) members

Chairperson:Dr Lo Chi Biu
Vice Chairpersons:Shiu Yuk Chun, Irene
Yiu Miu Fan, Esther
Dr Lam Mei Yee, Jenny
Dr Lui Chun Tat
Dr Chan Yiu Cheung
Dr Siu Yuet Chung, Axel
Dr Abraham Wai
Dr Ho Man Kam
Mr Chan Chi Keung, Wilbur
Supervisor: Dr Ho Hiu Fai, President of HKCEM
Secretary :Joanne Lau

Terms of Reference

  • Membership of the subcommittee does not limit to College fellows and members but also include relevant professionals with interest in disaster medicine.
  • The subcommittee networks with local and overseas organizations providing disaster management education with a view to uplift knowledge in disaster management and response.
  • The subcommittee aims at cultivating interests and leaders in disaster management.
  • The subcommittee works with HKJC DPRI to develop and implement a comprehensive educational program in disaster management and will develop educational materials to provide structured training.
  • The subcommittee reports to the College council through the Scientific Affairs Committee.